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Techno Tube

Looking For a Specific Radiator Pipe? WE HAVE IT!

Who are we?

Techno Tube is a division of Federal Mufflers that specializes in bending, manufacturing and our in stock radiator tubes.

What we do?

We do custom bending as per drawings and/or with a sample. We also carry over 700 Radiator Pipes in Aluminized and/or Stainless Steel which are fabricated in our shop. Brands such as Freightliner, Kenworth, Volvo and more! All our parts are T.I.G and M.I.G welded and are 30 P.S.I tested and bended on our mandrel benders.

Want to know if we have your part?

Check out our inventory online or give us a call.

Federal Emission Solutions

DPF Cleaning – No need to replace ! Save Money!

Did you know Failure to clean DPF Filters can result in poor engine performance and increase in-fuel consumption! At Federal Emission Solution we provide our customers with a fast and cost effective solution. We clean all makes, models and styles of DPF , DOC and SCR catalysts 98% cleaning efficiency maximizes the life cycle of the DPF .

Federal Emission Solution is now dealer of Redline please click on the link below to view types of Gasket, Clamps, Bungs and DPF and DOC available for sale!


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Federal Mufflers is committed to bringing our customers the best quality, service and convenience. We are automotive enthusiasts and have been at the forefront of exhaust business for over 30 years to insure that our customer’s vehicles and/or trucks are repaired and/or modified to the highest standards!

Our Automotive Services:

– Exhaust System Installations and/or Modifications
– Tire and Oil Change
– Free Estimates!

Make an appointment and see what we can for you!

We don’t have your muffler in stock? We build it in house with our mandrel bend machine. All we need is your old muffler and/or your specifications which you can fill out online. For cars, trucks as well industrial equipment we can do it all and have it ready for you in no time! All our parts are inspected at the start of production, during and final assembly.

Looking for a performance part or mats for your car? We can special order any item from our suppliers, Earls, Dynomax, Husky Liner and many more.

We also offer customers a vast variety of products such as Clamps, Adapters, Elbows/Custom mandrel ben elbows, Bullhorns, Supports, Flexible tubes and Bellows, Sound proofing mats by Blachford and catalytic converters and fume diluters by Nett Technologies.

Additionally Federal Mufflers has helped a growing number of industries, hospitals and grocery stores in executing important works of exhaust to reduce the level of carbon monoxide in their generators. We have several options available to you regarding the reduction of noise, odors and toxic exhaust fumes. View our past jobs or Ventilation products here.


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Specific Radiator and Pipes. WE HAVE IT!

Techno Tube specializes in bending and manufacturing Radiator Pipes to your...

DPF Cleaning – No need to replace!

At Federal Emission Solution we provide our customers with a fast and cost...